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    Thursday, November 30, 2006


Desktopple is a cool donationware application for quickly clearing your desktop for a screenshot, presentation, or to just make you feel better about your lack of organization skills.

After launching Desktopple, you will see a new menu bar item that triggers a toggle from messy desktop to a clean slate. Messy to clean, clean to messy. It's fun just to see it work.

Try Desktopple and see what I mean.

Posted by Scott Girard on 11/30/06; 9:43:29 AM from the News dept.



Host-Tracker is a free web-based service for monitoring remote web servers.

Simply set up an account, set your preferences and the servers you want to monitor, and Host-Tracker will monitor your servers and send you email reports of server uptime (or downtime).

It's a nice, clean, simple service that makes you wonder "Where's the catch?"

Posted by Scott Girard on 11/30/06; 9:29:11 AM from the News dept.


OS X Tiger More Sticky Menu Problems-- and a Solution!

After installing the latest OS X Tiger security update, the problems I was having on November 13 have returned. But this time, I think I have identified the problem after finding this thread on the Apple OS X Tiger discussion forum.

It turns out I had never installed the Logitech Control Center for my Logitech wireless laser mouse. I just assumed OS X didn't need the additonal software as the mouse had worked fine right out of the box for months.

After downloading and installing the current Logitech Control Center mouse drivers, the problems have gone away.

Posted by Scott Girard on 11/30/06; 12:25:06 AM from the News dept.


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