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Setting Permissions

The installation of a custom script often requires a special file permission; however, please note that the appropriate permissions are set automatically upon upload to your cgi-local. However, in some instances it may still be necessary to set a file or directory permission.

In instances (such as controllable anonymous FTP) whereby a file or directory's public read or write permissions must be changed, the File Manager can be used. However, our recommended FTP client, WSFTP, can be used to set permissions. With the current version, instead of directly typing the chmod code, there is a set of check boxes that you will use to change the permissions.

To change permissions, perform the following steps:

1- Open your FTP program and connect to your web site.

2- Select the file or the directory on which you want to change permissions.

3- Click your right mouse button to activate the pop up menu.

4- Select "chmod (UNIX)". A "Remote file permissions" window will appear.


5- Select the attributes that you want to set to the file or directory.

6- Select ok. You have now changed the permissions.

7- You can check the permission settings by clicking the refresh button and then clicking the dir info button .

If you are using a non-current version of WSFTP, you may need to enter a SITE string to change permissions as follows:

1- Open the WSFTP program and connect to your web site.

2- Open the directory that contains the file for which you want to change permissions.

3- Click your right mouse button to activate the pop up menu.

4- Select "FTP commands" from the FTP Menu.

5- Enter the desired chmod command in the SITE string command field.


Suppose you were preparing to enable anonymous FTP and you needed to disable public write access to a file named sample.htm. As mentioned, the File Manager can be used to accomplish this task, but for this example, the WSFTP SITE command is used.

The command to set public write access OFF is:   chmod 750 <filename>

Follow the instructions above to display the SITE command field and enter the desired chmod command as shown above (chmod 750 sample.htm).


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