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POP Mailboxes

In addition to mail forwarding options, email can be retrieved from POP mailboxes using a program like Eudora. You have access to one master POP account and 5* (or more) additional POPs that appear in your Control Panel within Email Settings.

PPP internet access is required to read or send email. You will need to use your local ISP's SMTP server address to send mail. If you can use a special mail program like Eudora you might be able to specify a different return address.

** Important **
If your hard disk allocation is near or at capacity, you will not be able to receive POP email. We highly recommend that you do not let your disk space get close to the maximum limit. You can easily monitor your disk space usage within your Control Panel.

The Master POP Account

By default, all email addressed to your domain is forwarded to the default mail forwarding address listed within Email Settings under your Control Panel. As such, e-mail addressed to will be forwarded to your "real" e-mail address. An alternative to having mail forwarded is to retrieve mail from POP mailboxes.

To recap, the master POP account is merely an alternative to the default mail forwarding address. If you remove the default mail forwarding address, all e-mail that was normally forwarded to that address will be held in the master POP account. The five additional POP accounts within Email Settings allow for more privacy in retrieving e-mail to specific addresses.

To retrieve email from the master POP account, you must first remove the default mail forwarding address in Email Settings under your Control Panel. By removing the default mail forwarding address, all mail addressed to your domain can be retrieved from the master POP account rather than being forwarded. The additional POP accounts are for specific aliases which require their own private mail box. Use the following settings to configure your mail program to access the master POP account:

    POP Account:    <userid> 
    SMTP Server:    (use the SMTP server provided by your ISP)

Substitute your account userid above. Your master POP account password will be the same as your web account password.

Please be advised that the master pop account will reside under your /u/web/userid/stats/mail/ directory as a text file just like the other additional POP accounts that come with your website. Please do not name one of the additional pop accounts same as your userid name. Please keep in mind that all POP boxes do count against your disk space.

Configurable POP Accounts

You can also choose to set up POP Accounts only for specific e-mail addresses. For example, email addressed to could be held in a private POP mailbox and be accessed with a unique id and password.

Locate the "POP Accounts" section in Email Settings. To create a new POP account, enter the username of the new POP account. For example, if you want e-mail addressed to to be held in a POP account, enter the username "webmaster" in the column titled, "@yourdomain". Be sure to enter a unique id and password for each new POP account as illustrated below.

@yourdomain User ID Password

For this example, the following settings would be used to access the "webmaster" POP account:

POP Account: SMTP Server: (use the SMTP server provided by your ISP)

** Important **
The User ID for the additional POP accounts is NOT the same as your account userid. You need to assign unique ids and passwords for access to the additional POPs for privacy.

Do not remove the default mail forwarding address in Email Settings unless you will be retrieving email from the master POP account.

If more than five POP accounts are needed, contact our sales department.

*Each of our plans includes a different number of free POP mailboxes. Additional POP mailboxes are available at a rate of $2/mo. per mailbox.
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