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Machine Names vs. Third Level Domains

Because machine names and third level domain names appear the same on the surface, there is often confusion.  BIGSEA offers machine names and third level domains.

Machine Names

A machine name appears in the form  We currently support machine names which points to the root level of your domain account, similarly to a domain pointer.  If you would like to set up a machine name, please send the desired name (e.g. to and please confirm that you acknowledge the $25 one-time set up fee.  For information on pointing a machine name to the sub-directory of a domain account, please refer to the documentation on .htaccess Modifications.

Third Level Domains

A third level domain also appears in the form   However, it varies from a machine name in that it has its own IP address.   Third level domain accounts have the same functionality as a regular domain account and users are required to be the registered owner of the associated second level domain (e.g. in order for us to set up the third level domain account (e.g.  Of course, the second address (i.e. would not require domain registration as it is based on an existing domain.  Third level domain accounts are billable based on the plan type selected.

NOTE:  Labels may not be all numbers, but may have a leading digit.  The "label" is the left-most identifier in the address (e.g. 'join' is the label of  For example, and are acceptable whereas is NOT acceptable.  Having a hostname that is a single digit is not compliant with RFC-1912.
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