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Excite Search for Web Servers

Excite for Web Servers makes it easy for you to add advanced concept-based searching to your Web site. It provides a simple Web-browser interface for administering, indexing, and searching collections of documents. This interface can be accessed through your Control Panel ( There you can create new document collections to search, administer existing collections, or access the online help documentation.

Here is a page that can give you Help on Making Queries

To configure your Excite Search engine, follow the directions in your control panel. You will have to create two HTML files, one called "query.html" and one called "result.html". These two documents can be based on a template page from your site with one difference-- add the following in the body of your documents on its own line:


The Excite scripts will use these two files to generate your "search" and "results" pages. Since the pages are generated by a Perl script, there may be some character incompatabilities when generating the "search" and "results" pages. Therefore, if you experience an Internal Error when attempting a search for the first time, go back to your result.html file and convert your style sheet to an external style sheet using the link notation:

<link rel=stylesheet type="text.css" href="template.css">

If this does not solve your error, try moving your javascript to an external file and link to it:

<script type="text/javascript" src="javascript.js">

This seems to be most relevant to the results page; the search page does not seem to have the the same problem.

In addition you will want to create a custom filter file to insure that files you do not want indexed do not get indexed. Not using an exclude filter file will allow your entire server space to be indexed and is a potential security risk. See the Excite Search engine setup instructions for more information about the custom filter file.

Finally, after you have tested your search engine and your custom filter file, you may want to set up automatic indexing for your site. This will allow any changes you make to the content on your site to be automatically indexed on a regular basis by the search engine. See the Excite Search engine setup instructions for more information about setting up automatic indexing.
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