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    Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Try YouSendIt for large file transfers

I once brought down our university mail server while trying to send a 50MB PowerPoint presentation to myself in preparation for that evening's case study.

Needless to say, the IT Admins were not happy, nor were the Professors or my classmates who lost the ability to use email while we waited for the IT folks to arrive and fix the problem.

It was only then that I learned that large email attachments are not a good thing.

I sometimes have clients who request the ability to send large email attachments, but our servers limit email attachment file sizes to 10MB, and even with smaller attachments something chokes along the way and the message fails.

Enter YouSendIt. YouSendIt is a simple, browser based interface for uploading files to a repository where they can later be retrieved by the recipient. My guess is they are using http uploads rather than email attachments, but the technical details are irrelevant-- YouSendIt is just an easy way to move large files around the Internet.

Posted by Scott Girard on 9/20/06; 11:14:20 AM from the News dept.



"Want to see the future of Net video? Download the open source Democracy Player" Wired Magazine, May 2006

Democracy is a free open source Internet TV platform.

From the Democracy home page:

"Our mission is to support video publishers and give viewers an internet video experience beyond any other product. We hope to build a platform that will let anyone around the world watch and publish channels of high quality video."

"We have two crucial advantages over traditional software development. First, being a non-profit organization means we focus on a mission to support our users, not on a mission to create returns for investors. Second, by making our software free and open-source, anyone can contribute to helping us build the best video application in the world."

For Windows, Mac, and Linux. Enjoy.

Posted by Scott Girard on 9/20/06; 11:01:39 AM from the News dept.


Amazon Business Solutions Suite

Amazon's retailing juggernaut is for the small business person too:

Now a small business can list items for sale at Amazon, and Amazon will take care of everything else-- the WebStore front end, the merchant program, and now fullfillment.

According to the Amazon Business Solutions Suite page, Amazon's Fulfillment by Amazon allows the small business person to "simplify the fullfillment process by letting Amazon store, pick, pack, and ship your items."

You own the inventory, and Amazon provides the warehouse space and fullfillment. eCommerce gets easier every day.

Posted by Scott Girard on 9/20/06; 10:57:09 AM from the News dept.


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